Personal Package - $149
Custom Designed Letterhead, for your Personal use,
as well as 250 Personal Cards to hand out in social situations. Free 30 Minute call with a Career\Social Development Specialists *
Personal Package Plus - $299
All of PP as well as Social Media Development including a Facebook Page and a Twitter account. We will help you develop an "image". Includes 30 days free email support.  *
Personal Package Deluxe - $449
All of PPP with addition of editing and posting a Personal Video, introducing you to the world and getting your message across! Make your mark today!  *
Small Business Basic Package - $499
Custom Logo and Letterhead for your Business use, as well as 250 Business Cards. Includes a 30 minute call with one of our Business\e-Commerce Development Specialists  *
Small Business Deluxe Package - $649
All of SBBP as well as 1 Tri-Fold Brochure and 1 Email Campaign, to promote your business. We will also include your Logo, linked to your Website, on our Partners Page!  *
Small Business Premium Package - $999
All of SBDP with the addition of Editing and Posting a 1 min Video to Promote your business. Act now and we will include 250 Personalized Ink Pens!  *
Other Marketing\Design\Graphics Services - $75/Hour *
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* Client must Supply Content and Artwork in High Quality Digital Format. Media conversion services available.
Your Success IS Our Business!
Your Success IS Our Business!
Desktop Publishing
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